Our self help materials, webinar & group packages

Our evidence based CBT self-help materials are authored by Marie Chellingsworth and key experts in the field. They can be purchased for individual clinical use, accessed as part of our CBT Resource annual CPD club membership, or services can purchase a service wide license. We also offer co-branding of the materials with your service logo, local information and colours under license. Each patient material comes with an associated clinician's guide to the protocol and how to provide support. A wide range of NHS, IAPT, universities and other & mental health organisations use our materials, group classes, webinars and worksheets under license. 

They have been developed to the latest evidence and standards in producing high quality patient information and NHS principles and they conform to NICE guidelines. Each material has been through  independent readability testing to ensure that they have a low reading age (<12-14) and use accessible language. All results are published on each material. They have also been written to have high levels of common factor and engagement levels with input from people with lived experience and clinical expertise. Each material has been through a range of focus group reviews as part of the development process and they are used widely in the national IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) programme.


Each workbook or package includes session by session treatment information, reviews and all worksheets for inter-session tasks. The materials can be used in 1:1 or video call treatment, in groups or webinars using our associated group and webinar manuals and delivery packs. The associated Clinician's guide to the self-help material which enables supporters to maximise outcomes and thoroughly understand the change methods, how to introduce and implement them to get an effective dose of treatment, overviews the evidence base underpinning the approach, gives information on a typical treatment outline session by session and how to provide the best support.