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Our evidence based self help materials and associated Can be branded with your service logo and colours under license. They are available to services who do our advanced 5 day training course online or face to face. Each patient material comes with an associated clincian's guide to the protocol. 

The patient self-help materials have been designed to meet the latest evidence base and standards in producing patient information and NHS principles. They conform to NICE Guidelines and have been tested for readability, common factors and engagement. Each material has been through focus group user and clinical feedback reviews as part of the development process. They include all worksheets for homework.


The clinician guides contain a step by step guide to each scaffolding and change method within the protocol, how to optimise the intervention for best outcomes, an overview of each session of a typical treatment and how to introduce and support the techniques with the patient. 

Resources can be hosted electronically and co-branded with your service logo under an annual license and quality assurance agreement after our CPD training.


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The CBT Resource