Worksheets & Materials for HITs and PWPs. Can be branded with your service logo and colours under license

Patient self-help materials designed to meet the latest evidence base and standards in patient information, NICE Guidelines and readability, worksheets for homework for clinical interventions and recording forms for both High and Low Intensity CBT are available and can be hosted online in electronic format or as printed materials. 

Patient Self Help Materials and Clinical Protocols Available:

Each package contains all content, Patient handouts and resources, homework plans and practitioner support protocol manual. Further training on delivering the protocol can also be provided upon request or online training licensed as a reusable learning object for your intranet under license.

Worry Less, Live More Protocol for GAD 

Get Back to Being You  Behavioural Activation Protocol for Depression 

Fears Conquered Exposure and habituation Protocol for Panic and Phobias


Sleep Better, Feel Better Insomnia management Protocol 


Get free from  OCD Exposure and response prevention Protocol 

All conform to NICE guidelines and have been developed to the highest standards in self-help content design and common factors and readability with independent readability tests published within the material.

Resources can be hosted electronically and co-branded with your service logo under an annual license and quality assurance agreement.


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