We have a range of evidence based self-help materials, worksheets, clinician protocols and guides. These materials are available for use under license for individuals or services with paid Annual PWP CPD & Resource Membership. We can also co-brand these materials with your service logo and contact details for a small additional cost. Please contact us for details of costs of the 5 day training or branding.

Our workbooks include: 

  • Get back to being you with Behavioural Activation: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol

  • Fears conquered with exposure and habituation for panic disorder: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol 

  • Sleep better, feel good for insomnia: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol

  • Worry less, live more with worry management for GAD: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol 

  • Manage stress, get back in balance: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol                     

  • Lift your mood with exercise: Patient workbook and associated clinician's guide to the protocol (Carter, Callaghan and Chellingsworth, in press) 

  • Manage your TIBs and PIBs in clinical practice: The clinician's guide to identifying and managing therapy interfering beliefs and behaviours 

  • Enhanced clinical supervision for PWPs: A clinician's guide to getting more from clinical skills supervision to optimise your practice and outcomes 

  • Assessing brilliantly: A clinician's guide to disorder specific assessments and managing complexity and comorbidity with symptom clustering 


Workshops, Online training, CPD and Service Consultancy can be provided to maximise recovery rates. Our training topics include PWP and HIT Supervision Training, Low Intensity CBT protocols, managing drift and dose, increasing outcomes, managing LTCs and Step 3 protocols. Our training and CPD workshops can be delivered on site in your service or a local training venue or we can offer a range of online training modules, available via license to enable staff to attend training without additional costs and time lost from the workplace.


Groups packages for anxiety disorders and depression available under license. Bespoke packages available. Our groups conform to NICE guidelines, are written by experts, are interactive and come with all homework plans at a therapeutic dose. The groups can be co-branded with your service colour scheme.


"Marie Chellingsworth is an absolutely fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge. I am a GM of a Trust and she has always been 'on hand' for advice. My staff that have attended training delivered by Marie have returned fully enthused and able to use the newly acquired knowledge in practice"

Carol Peckham

"The annual training we have had gets excellent feedback from our qualified PWPs and Senior Team. It has given them a deeper understanding and enhanced skills in step 2 interventions for our service. The quality of the worksheets and handouts is brilliant. Marie is the go to person for all things Low Intensity CBT training, resources and protocols"

Sarah Sollese

"We love the worksheets and resources and they are the main thing we use to get results. We have had great feedback from our Patients and staff. Using something bespoke with our service colours on is a great option and more professional - they look great! Thank you"

Gemma Richardson

General Manager. Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

Step 2 Service Lead. Talking Therapies.Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Service Lead. Insight Kent IAPT.


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